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Unique Heritage Listed Building


George Street was the first road created in NSW and is thus the oldest road in Australia. In September, 1859, the board of the Bank of New South Wales elected to erect a new city branch at the south end of Sydney. In January 1860, the board purchased the site for £6,000.00 pounds. Bounded by Terminus Street, Regent Street and George Street.

The existing building was converted for use at a bank by the architect E.T. Blacket. Originally known as the Parramatta Street Branch, in 1874 it became the Southern Branch and 1948 the Railway Square Branch.


In February 1817, Govenor Lachland Macquarie signed a charter of incorporation establishing Australia’s very first financial institution. The Bank of New South Wales opened on the 8th of April, 1817 in Macquarie Place, Sydney where it traded until the 1850’s. Before moving the head office branch to 341 George Street.

Then in January 1860 a new branch was opened and was original known as Parramatta street Branch. The bank of New South Wales (Now Westpac) operated continuously for 140 years at the Railway Square Branch until 20th of April, 2000. That same year the building was purchased by a non profit organisation.


Prior to the establishment of the Gold Smelting and Assaying Department at the Railway Square Branch in April 1915, gold bullion was processed at the Bank’s Head Office. The transfer occurred because alterations made to the Railway Branch provided better facilities for the treatment of all grades of bullion, and due to its proximity to Central Station.

The Bullion Department at the Railway Square Branch attracted numerous customers because although charges and deductions were the same as the Mint, the Bank made payments much quicker. Gold smelting and assaying continued at the Railway Square Branch until 1960 with Garrett, Davidson and Matthey Pty. Ltd leasing the premises from the Bank.


In 1850, Sydney was fast expanding westward with the surrounding area developing as far as City Road. The terminus of the then “Redfern railway” had been established for a number of years – the first building at Sydney University completed in 1859 and the Glaciarium built opposite the Bank.

The Heritage Building was sold to a Non Profit Organisation that has made available for hire its rooms to the general public for Meetings, Conferences, Workshops, Concerts and Special Family Events. Being convenient and close to Central Station and buses, it is an ideal place to come to the city without the need for a car.

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Heritage Room


Ambassadors Den

Kitchen & Dining Room

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  • Heritage Room
  • $ 200

    per hour +GST
    (Minimum 4 hours)
  • Unique Heritage Ambience
    Make your event distinctively unique
  • 100-120 Person Capacity
    Approximately 120 square meters
  • Stage with Audio Visuals
    With a removable stage, lectern, projector and microphones makes setting up for your event a breeze
  • Grand Piano
    You have the option to rent, at $150.00, our grand piano for added elegance
  • Kitchen Area
    Kitchen and large serving area adjacent to the Ambassador’s Hall is a perfect place for food preparation and buffet style arrangements
  • Soundproof Side Room
    With large soundproof window this room makes an excellent green room or cry room for kids
  • Boardroom
  • $ 120

    per hour +GST
    (Minimum 4 hours)
  • Classic Boardroom Style
    Make your meetings productive & comfortable
  • 20-25 Person Capacity
    Approximately 50 square meters
  • Audio Visuals
    Projector, speakers and microphones are available
  • Kitchenette Space
    For your self-catering needs
    includes sink, kettle, microwave
  • Ambassadors Den
  • $ 110

    per hour +GST
    (Minimum 4 hours)
  • Unique Privacy
    Make your meetings focused & productive
  • 35-40 Person Capacity
    Approximately 70 square meters
  • Audio Visuals
    Plasma TV or projector, speakers & microphones are available upon request
  • Included Extras
    Large whiteboard, student chairs with convenient side folding table for taking notes
  • Kitchen & Dining
  • $ 150

    per hour +GST
    (Minimum 4 hours)
  • Functional Kitchen & Dining Space
    Provides a home away from home experience.
  • 80-100 Person Capacity
    Approximately 100 square meters
  • Audio Visuals
    Projector, speakers and microphones are available
  • Large Kitchen Space
    For all your self-catering needs
    includes full kitchen facilities
  • Optional Dining Annex
    For that more formal and personal touch
    Please inquiry about pricing


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824-826 George Street, Chippendale, NSW 2008

× Heritage Room

Heritage Room

× Boardroom


× Ambassadors Den

Ambassadors Den

× Kitchen Dining

Kitchen & Dining